Horse Saddle Pad

What is a horse saddle pad?

Horse saddle pads are used to provide an an extra layer of protection between your saddle and the horses back, adding comfort and cushioning to your horses’ back. 

What does a horse saddle pad do?

A quality horse saddle pad should protect your horse from the rub and chafe of the saddle, while also wicking away unwanted sweat.

horse saddle pad

Looking for pretty horse saddle pads?

All our horse saddle pad options are such a very important part of our horse wear, available as a close contact glitter saddle pad and matching fly veil set available in multiple colours

These glitter saddle pads add a little sparkle and luxury to your riding lifestyle. They are made of the highest quality materials and have been sourced for not only their beautiful aesthetics, but also for their comfort and durability.

As part of our matching set collection, you can really set off your horses’ image with these beautifully made, perfectly designed, and incredibly comfortable horse saddle pads.

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