A Little Introduction

We know how important it is to keep you and your horse feeling good and looking good, so we want to elevate your equine lifestyle choices in horse and rider wear.

We believe that equestrianism is more than a hobby or a sporting activity; it is a way of life.

It’s certainly our way of life at SJE. We are passionate about sourcing and supplying luxurious, high end, and on-trend riding apparel and horse wear. 

Why we established SJE

Founder and owner, Lauren Hambleton, has always loved to be around everything equine, having owned horses and fallen in love with the lifestyle during her early childhood. Having spent the last few years focusing on being a mother and elevating herself as a business sales executive, she decided to make a bold move.

It was time to take her life-long infatuation with horses, her love for shopping, and the keen business skills she has acquired and turn them into an online shopping experience which every horse lover like her will appreciate.

Providing a space for other horse fanatics who have an appreciation for beautiful adornments for both them and their horses; creating a shopping experience that helps you discover your distinctive horse and riding apparel on-trend looks.  

Welcome to St. John Equestrian, where hard work, fanaticism, and passion have been the driving force behind our brand and determination to provide high quality, on-trend, and affordable horse and rider wear.

horse saddle pad

Why shop at SJE?

If you are as dedicated to everything equestrian as we are, then you will want to spend as much time with your horses as possible.

Your time is precious, which is why at St. John Equestrian we have taken the time to do the hard work of sourcing exquisitely made products for you and your horse.

More than that, we are making the online shopping experience streamlined and hassle-free. You can be rest assured that at SJE, you will receive your beautiful new products with professional care and within a timely manner.

You can order from us online using PayPal, so you can be guaranteed safety and security in all of your transactions with us. More than anything, the reason why you should choose us for your equestrian apparel needs is because we love horses just as much as you do!

Contact us for that personal shopping touch

We love to hear from other horse fanatics, especially if we are discussing your equine apparel needs, and please do send us photos or media of your beloved horses wearing our product range, we’d love to see them.

At St. John Equestrian we continuously strive to bring you the latest in design trends in equestrianism, supplying you with your high-end yet affordable and quality equine products.

Shop online today or contact us via phone, email, or social media for a personal shopping experience.

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