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Providing Unique High-Quality Equestrian
Apparel & Horse Wear

Are you a horse owner or a regular rider? Do you adore spoiling your horse (and yourself) with the latest styles in high quality products? Do you love keeping up to date with the latest trends in everything equine?

If you are as fanatical as us about horses and, like us, enjoy an incredible online shopping experience, then look no further than our equestrian online shop.

We provide rider apparel and horse wear that is distinctive and unique by sourcing high quality materials and products and bringing them to you through our distinctive brand.

We supply beautiful equestrian wear with our swift and efficient online services.

High Quality
Equestrian Apparel

Great prices on all our products with excellent customer services

Our background

St. John Equestrian online shop, or SJE as we like to say, is led by one woman’s passion – Lauren Hambleton is a highly skilled businesswoman and horse owner; she is a very keen horse enthusiast and has a tremendous amount of drive. Her passion for fashion and penchant for shopping, coupled with her business and sales ability, were the perfect mix of attributes to start SJE clothing and apparel online shop.

Our ethos

To passionately provide horse owners with high quality, fairly priced, fashionable, and on-trend horse and rider wear. With our ever expanding range, we endeavour to give you the ultimate online equine shopping experience.

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